"My Confession On How Ancient Mysterious Seeds From Asia, Gave Me Full Beard And Saved Me From Chronic Baldness".

It Can Stop Your Hair Loss Entirely And Grow Your Hair With Magical Touch

If you are battling with bald head but want to grow full hair all around your head,


you don’t have beard but wish to grow beard that is well packed and classic, to stop the shame and the embarrassments you have been going through.


If you know a friend or family member that need to grow beard and look smart, grow hair on their baldhead to regain their confidence,


You want to grow your hair longer than it is right now.


Then I have this very urgent and nice advice for you…

Make sure you read this article to the end, because you will discover the simple, but the most active means to grow your beard and make it radiant in less than 30 days. You will also find out the simple but the easiest way to grow hair on your baldhead that looks like “Papa Ajasco”, and how to make hair grow on any part of head and your chest, very quickly, you will also find out how to grow your hair and make it longer.

This Discovery is unique and Guaranteed!

So disorganize every distractions, off your phone notification and read carefully because

this formula has given dignity and confidence to thousands of men and women since it was discovered.

It will make your hair from looking like this

 To looking like this

17th March, 2013 I identified something very shocking.

I went to Abuja with 3 of my friends for a competition of one of the reputable company in the country to win #2 million-1st position, #1.5 million-2nd position and #500k- 3rd position.

During the competition

I drew a lot of cheers and applause at every corner. Everyone that came witnessing the competition, gave me some round of applause.

But then. After the competition, some hours later, the result was announced. Before the announcement, the mindset of everyone was that I was going to win. But when the result was finally announce,

I was humiliated.

I immediately became the grand master of laughing stock. Several people started showering with pity I never needed. The type of humiliation I got was better If I was publicly rolled on a watery mud. Everyone knew that my performance was the best, therefore I deserved to be the winner of the #2M, but at the end.

I took the 4th position

Imagine the kind of pain and frustration that slapped my heart. I nearly fainted, but I held myself strong. What it means is that I worked home with nothing except the transport fare they gave me and small consolation. I didn’t have the mouth to tell anyone. I went home empty handed.

I failed after several weeks of intensive preparations.

But was it my fault?.

When I got relieved, I met the organizers of the competition there to demand why they stole my joy. But they refused telling me anything. The following day, I pressed further and finally met the chief organizer of the competition in his office. He sat me down, looked at me and told me point black saying “You are bald and you don’t have beard, so nothing for you”

Those that don’t have beard and those that are bald are often considered that they can’t handle logical matters, in fact …they are women…


I thought it was a joke.

My heart nearly tore open when I heard those words. I couldn’t bear the insult. The insult stroke me hard. So hard, and I felt it.

I was furious that I ALMOST said something so striking to the man, but as I looked him from hair to toe I observed that this man was full. Full of hair on his head, no sign of baldness. Very smart and neat beard all over his cheek.

No wonder he attain the position of being the chief organizer of the competition. And if I had said something else to him, he would rain another insult on me. I then swallowed my pride and left his office in anger.

But…I discovered

that he is the president of the organization that had the competition and his glamourous beard and smart hair gave him the edge of being the president.

Then I began to remember the reason I lost several golden oppornities at my disposal in the past. My bald head has almost ruined my life and my lack of beard has reduced me.

I couldn’t count the number of great opportunities I lost because I was bald. I then knew why the women I have stayed with, hoping to marry, turned me down.

Some of them don’t even want me to stay with them for long time saying that the money I gives to them is not enough and not what the need from me. They need a man who is not bald and a man that has sparkling beard, but I didn’t have it.

The one that broke my emotion to pieces was the very pretty woman I have decided to marry, after making a proposal arrangement, finally I proposed to her and she told me prompt and plain

“Sorry, I don’t do with men that are bald and in your case, you don’t have beard on top. It’s a total turn off to me. I decided to stay with you all these while because you are a nice guy, but for marriage, No No I can’t imagine moving around with a man that is bald, what will people say and how will I feel”  

It then dawn on me that I have wasted my years with a woman whom I thought would say yes to me. I nearly committed suicide but I remembered I still have one girlfriend whom I still hold dear but before I propose to her, in any means I must grow my beard and my bald hair. MUST.

I was just 31 years then, and I asked myself, “for how long will this last?” if this gravity of losses are happening to me now, what will happen when I continue to age, knowing so well that as I ages, my baldness becomes worst.

It continues to be worst and continues to claim my glory. I am bald, I am beardless as well, I must do something to it.

Then I began to HUNT for a solution everywhere

I bought a lot of oil and lots of serum that promises hair growth to apply, yet none of them worked,

not even one of them worked.  

“I Became So Desperate to Regrow My Hair, I Tried All Sort of FAKE That NEVER WORKED!”  

For good 2 years I was seriously hunting for a lasting solution to my baldness and beardlessness".  


I tried mixing Igbo with Spirit…  NO SHOW!

Some said I should try Onion and Vinegar…..still NO SHOW!  

I tried all sort of oils, balm I even did a laser therapy…..It was a waste of money!  

“I Almost Resorted To Fate That I Would Remain Bald For Life”

I wanted to get back to the chief organizer of the competition to ask what he did to grow his beard and have full hair, but I remembered how he humiliated me, then my ego and anger over him didn’t allow me go".    

For that 2 years I have SEARCHED and HUNTED for a good beard and bald hair growth, I couldn’t get but wasted huge amount of money, I kept on getting frustrated.


One day I remembered my very good friend who has full beard, but I know him so well, he never had the beard before. I called and told him what I was going through and that I need to grow my beard and my bald hair very urgent and quickly but I don’t know how.

He called me to his house and gave me an amazing solution to my problem. I never knew he has a powerful solution to my problem all those while I was wasting my time and money. He became the savior that changed my life. He went inside his room and brought 2 bottles of Snazii Hair Essence and said…

“I was like you. I have been humiliated uncountable times by women. I have lost several multimillion naira opportunities. I was always taken as if I never belong to the society of men, just because I didn’t have full beard. I was dying gradually. But today, I am a celebrity that even women I never thought I would approach ordinarily are coming after me because of how smart, elegant and radiant my beard  and my full hair around my head is now. Before now, I never knew that beard and full hair could attract women to you that they will like and fall in love with you so easily. When I grew my beard, almost all the women that rejected me started coming back, but it's late for them.

When I was looking for the solution to my problem, I called my elder brother in a multi-Million dollar “SNAZII hair growth company” at Asia (the company that spend 8 years of research to find the natural and the best solution to hair growth).

That call was my life changer, it changed my life forever

 My brother bought 10 bottles of this “SNAZII Hair Serum” for $40 each and sent to me to use 2 and share to my friends who need it.

Just 14 days of use mehn! Hair began to grow so fast, look at me you will see maturity and dignity”.

I saw my hair growing on my baldhaed. Every 3 days,I would take up a mirror, look at my head, and saw a differece, saw how my hair is growing. It's magical to me.

The “SNAZII Hair Serum” contains ORGANIC ADDITIVES that makes it work like magic which almost all other serum doesn’t have.

It contains these 4 major ingredients plus several other additives that makes it work so efficiently. 

  • Chia seed – Chia seed has something in common with hair (protein) It contains 35% protein which unblocks hair germinating pores on your skin. It is made up of 4 major additives that         

1) Grow beard and hair on your baldness     

2) Makes your hair radiant and shine like morning rose     

3) Stops your hair loss and       

4) Delay your hair from graying. 

  • Aloe Vera – it contains vitamin (Beta carotene and many other vitamins- vit A, C, E, B12) that can help grow hair and give it a perfect protection. It also contain minerals which help other enzymes to work properly, thereby helping to boost hair growth. It contains fatty acid and enzymes. The healing substances in Aloe Vera can also heal your damaged hair follicles to boost up hair producing function. 


  • Grape Seed  – they help to maintain scalp health, stimulate hair growth and regrowth, curb hair fall out, prevent graying, prevent hair damage and many more.


  • Ginger root – Can make the head skin normalize blood circulation. Promote scalp metabolism, activation of hair follicle tissue, effectively prevent head hair loss, stimulate new place long and can inhibit Piyang and strengthen hair root.  



Those 4 core ingredients are mixed with other minor and major additive you do not know in a proportional order, in other to help perform magic to your beard and bald hair growth, even hair growth on your chest and as well stop your hair loss.  

14 days I started using the solution formula Samuel my friend gave me, magic started happening on my beard and baldness. So magical.   After 30 days of use, I counted myself as a full grown man with pride and dignity and whenever I stand to talk among my peers and among women and even in a professional setting, I draw people’s eyes and attention and gather an eye popping respect.

I have won people’s approval to be the leader of an organization I belong to, which I wouldn’t have smelt that leadership office if I was still beardless and bald.  

I am now the happiest man on earth.  

I do things at will in the presence of my friends and in the presence of beautiful women that they begin to desire to be with me ( I am celebrity now), I’m far from inferiority complex and people began to set me as an example.

It a dream come true! But something I never expected happened

Almost everywhere I go, people, both men and women ask me what I did to grow my beard and made it shine as it is now. People with bald head began to ask what they should do to grow hair on their bald part and how to stop hair loss. I couldn’t imagine that the smart look of my beard and hair could attract those questions. I knew then that the struggle is a strong one many people are fighting to win.

I then decided to help those people who need to grow their beard and grow hair on their baldness and those who want to stop hair loss and be out of those menace.

See what I did…

I contacted Samuel my very good friend, together we called his elder brother who works at the SNAZII Hair Serum company in Asia that has done more than 8 years of research to get the best solution to hair problem. Through his elder brother, I imported 200 bottles of SNAZII Hair Serum and sold to few of my friends who needed to grow their beard, bald hair and stop hair loss.

See what they said after 14 days of use.

I made an advert on Facebook, and in 24 hours, about 123 persons declared interest that they need it.

 I sold the 108 bottles to them and still have over 230 interested person. Then I have to do anything to ensure that this solution gets to thousands and as many people as possible so as to bring happiness to them, because having a smart beard and full hair around your head, bring unimaginable happiness, confidence and dignity. I am a witness to this.

I imported another 350 bottles.



 Do you need one?

No, not one but 2 bottles, you need 2 bottles because with it, all your lack of beard and baldness and your hair loss will be restored completely as I did.

 I used 2 bottles and in less than 30 days, everything I needed appeared completely.

  •  2 bottle of SNAZII Hair Serum will grow your beard to the size you want and make it radiant and shiny, stop it from graying and give you confidence, smartness and restore your dignity.
  • 2 bottles of SNAZII Hair Serum will grow hair on bald part of your head and your chest, to give you nice look you desire.
  • 2 bottles of SNAZII Hair Serum will entirely stop your hair loss and help you grow your hair to any length you want.  


Just Imagine

you are able to get any woman you want to be your girlfriend or wife without stress. Women love men with full and smart beard and without baldness, when you grow them, getting that woman you desire will be easy for you.  

Very easy, unless you never talk.

This is how having full beard sweets women!

Imagine winning a competition you always loose before, or attracting that multi-million naira contracts. It’s easy when you grow beard and your bald hair to look nice and decent

 See How It Works  

Ancient Asian people use a special system called Ayurveda (one of the oldest system) to get the Chia seeds, Aloe Vera, Grape seed and Ginger root extract and mix them together plus other active additives to get a very effective hair serum that works like magic on your beard, bald head and hair loss.  

Maybe that’s why you hardly see a bald and a man or woman that suffers hair loss from Asia.  

Most shampoo, hair cream and beard growth oil cannot do this effectively.

 After more than 24 months of hunting, trials, error and struggling with my own beardlessness and baldness, all thanks to Samuel my very good friend, through him I discovered the very rare but the most effective 100% herbal hair serum that does wonders to growing your beard, bald hair and stopping your hair loss from the root of the matter.

SNAZII Hair Serum is a 100% herbal serum made with ancient Ayurveda process and that is why it contain natural and active hair growth vitamins and minerals which researches has proven that it works like magic on hair growth.  

With this effective formula that combine the power of Grape seed, Aloe Vera, Ginger root, Chia seed, Asian Ginseng and several other active herbal additives, you will no longer have to be wasting your money on useless cream, spray, shampoo and other useless hair loss products out there.  

SNAZII Hair Serum is so effective that we were flooded with several testimonies.

Have You Heard That Baldness, Inherited From Your Father or Mother Has No Cure?

I have heard that too, and I even believed it is true,

But some thing magical happened...

I made a new friend that his father was bald, his brothers and sisters were bald, even his uncle was bald, he told me that his grand-father was bald too.

But when I discovered this Snazzi Hair Serum, I decided to give it to this my new friend to check if it will work on his inherited baldness, to my surprise!, it grew his hair in less than 30 days. I was just surprised and excited!!

See what he did, he came to me and bought 2 bottles each for his father, brothers and sisters, while using it...

See below the message he sent to my whatsAPP

 Here is How to Get it  

Normally, to bring a bottle of this SNAZII Hair Serum into Nigeria costs #19,750 plus shipping fee of #9,500. And depending on how serious your hair loss and baldness is, you will need an average of 2 bottles for 1 month.

So if you are to get it originally, it will cost you #19,750  x2 =#39,500  + #9,500 shipping fee, it leads to a total cost of #49,000 for 2 bottles.  

But you will not even have it for half of that amount if you get it today because Samuel’s elder brother working with them there connected me with the company in charge of distribution of the SNAZII Hair Serum And the company is running a 48 hours BONANZA sales for everyone that will get it today.

But before you get it, here are the amazing offers you will get…   

  • You will not pay for delivery (Value #5000) 


  • You will have access to our team of hair growth expert for 60 days (Value #25,000)


  • You will get FREE portable pack of wooden comb + Shining brush + an amazing pack  

Samuel’s brother who work with the company gave me 45 pack of FREE Portable wooden, strong and beautiful comb +Shining brush + an amazing pack.

The wooden comb can easily enter your wallet or pocket.

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You will use the Free comb to comb your hair and beard and model it with radiancy, you will then use the shinner to smoothen your beard. you can choose to use it to shine your shoe, it makes your shoe to shine and stand out

The total cost of this amazing offer is #90,500

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Take a look at some of the people who have used it

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I will Jus Face My Business.

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the risk I am taking,

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I know the humiliation and embarrassment and opportunities I lost when I was bald and don’t have beard. I know you are probably going through a similar situation.

If you are not yet, soon you will start experiencing such horrible condition because it is almost what everybody who is bald or beardless will face. It’s a painful experience.

Do yourself a favor, utilize this opportunity to grow your beard and make it radiant, grow hair on your baldness, stop your hair loss. So if you don’t have money, borrow from your friend or relative to get this solution, you will be happy you did.

Now if you borrow,

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