"On How to Smartly Sell Product/Goods Online Using Your Smart Phone and Computer, While in Your House Putting on Singlet and Boxers, Pant and Bra Just as you wish"

So Simplified!

The best part is that you will not have to worry about the

Product to sell, How to sell them, Where to sell them and How to find Costomers.

Don't worry about them because WE SHALL TEACH YOU HOW

What we just need from you is your INTEREST.

Are you interested to learn how to be very smart in selling online with high profit margin?

If you are, you have us because we will teach you for FREE

My name is 

Sabastine Onyinyechi

I have done so many business that failed over and failed over again, and at each of my failure, I learn something new.

I have done poultry farming and I failed

I have done fish farming and I failed

I have even rented shop to sell goods, I failed.

I got frustrated...

One day I stumbled on an advert from a man(one of my mentor) Toyin Omotosho, I indicated interest in his training program. He picked me up, trained me on how to sell online with HIGH profit margin so as to make m.illion box in no time.

I had very keen and wonderful interest, and I learnt from him.

Then I started selling things online.


I began to fail, I failed again and I failed again but I decided this time I was not going to give up no matter what comes out of it. I had made up my mind to continue till I began to succeed.

Of course... I began to succeed gradually till I have a strong stand of getting a woping 20 orders of high ticket health produts daily.

That's Amazing...

This is the kind result that top online sellers make. That's is to say that I'm one of the top online smart sellers in our area.

I'm acheiving this glorious result becaue I know what I'm doing. And I know the Step by Step process of selling smart online.

My Experiences

I have gathered and compiled all my experiences, what I learnt during those years of failure, then I and my fellow smart online sellers decided to genuinely teach and train you how to successfully sell products online and start making tons of profit.

We shall Teach, Train, Guide and Follow you up till you start to succeed and begin to make enough money that can at least pay all your bills comfortably

You don't need to worry about produt to sell because we shall show you how and where to get the products you will sell for enough profits and it will be easy to sell them and start making turn over with enough profit attached to each product sells,

We shall teach you how

What we want to Teach and Train you for FREE are:

What to Sell...

Where to Sell them online

How to Smartly Sell them Online and...

And you will do these at the comfort of your house, room, palor, toilet, even while traveling as long as you have Smart phone, Laptop and internet connection.

You will have to choose what to sell.

You will choose what to sell after the FREE Training. You can choose and sell anything that people needs.

But we shall particularly teach you how to sell Health physical and tangible products because selling health products is where to get money easily if you know how. 

Why? because a lot of people are having several calibre of health Challenges and they want to treat and get themselves free. Once you have the product that can help them solve that health challenges, you will sell to them and make more profit. And they will say a very much thanks to you for helping them out.

Selling Health product is a bit difficult to do online, but we have a secret way of selling it and that's one of the things we shall teach you for FREE.

How to sell should not be your concern now because we shall teach you the step by step process of selling.

All you need is to be willing to learn what we will teach you.

Where to sell is particularly online.

You will start selling online.

What it means is that you don't need a shop.

You will just be in your room or palor or anywhere with your singlet and boxer, pant and bra, pressing your laptop and phone, making and receiving calls, sending product to your costomers to any part of the country, they pay you and you will receive the alert from your bank, you will smile and of course another days of life will be added to your life on earth at eah alert you get.

Such a sweet life.


  • Imagine you start making profit of at least 50,000 Naira on daily basis


  • Imagine you start making enough mon.ey that can comfortably pay all your bill, including cash to your parents, siblings, boyfriend and girlfriend as constant as you want without feeling the breeze.


  • Imagine you start to singlehandedly sponsor some projects that your enemies will be suprised


  • Imagine you have enough cash to eat whatever you want at any time you want it with a strong confidene that more alert are coming.


  • Imagine you start making enough cash to save for mega projets.

All these and many more imagination are what you can start doing when you begin to make enough cash during and after our training,

including giving out money for charity, very important. 

We are giving you this training for FREE, so you will also start giving out charity too. 

This Training is going to be for FREE

Why did we want to give you all these for FREE?

  • We want to train you for FREE becuase it pays to freely give out value to people


  • We want to train you for FREE because if we tell you to pay 95k for this training, you will not and we don't want you to miss this golden opportunity

There are very many reasons we want to train you for FREE, but the end of it all is for you to start living a comfortable and happy life.


These are the Things we will train You

  1. How to create Health product profitable Facebook advert at low cost.

With this skill alone, you have higher chance of making m.illions at close range. This skill can give you 5 - 20 order daily and each order you get offers a profit of 10k - 30k and more.

Imagine 20k x 5 orders(minimum), that's 100k profit on daily basis.

Once you learn the skill set involved, you can be making this amount and more.

This skill of how to run profitable facebook ad is what I have personally spent over 170k to learn and still learning because there are plenty ground to cover 

And we will teach you for FREE


2. We will train you on how to write a well packaged, convincing, persuasive and well converting copy that when someone who has interest on your product reads your copy, he/she will be convinced to buy your product immediately. I have been doing this.

I have personally spent over 110k to learn this skill.

And we shall teach you for FREE


3.We will teach you How to create your website/Landing page using Wordpress where you will show people your product online, they will just see, get convinced and buy your product at a spot.

I have personally spent over 65k to learn this

And you will learn it for FREE


4. You will learn How to setup your sales funnel.

This is a system that makes selling your product online very easy even at mid night when you are asleep, the product continues to sell on it's own. Do not doubt, it is what we do, it's what some people do, we know how to do it, we will teach you.

To learn this alone will cost 135k

And we  will teach you for FREE

5. How to package the product and send to the customer no matter the state he is.

You may decide not to touch the product and be instructing people on what to do, they will do that for you and send you your mo.ney. You may decide to do it yourself.

I did not spend money to learn this, and you will learn it for FREE too

What does it mean...

It means that All these things I have personally spent over 480k to learn, We Shall Teach and Train you on them for FREE

We decide to train you for FREE beacuse we want to help.

Are You Ready for This?

If You Are Ready, Here are What You Need so we Can Get Started

  • You will have a Laptop/Computer, if you don't have, you borrow.
  • You will have a good android phone/Smart phone or Tablet. If you don't have, you borrow.
  • You will have a Facebook account that has been active for over 10 months, if you don't have, you borrow.

Most Importantaly...

You must have the zeal to make more mon.ey, do researches as well, be so much interested to scale. Do what we tell you to do so you don't make mistakes.

We have done all the mistakes for all of us before, so follow our steps

The Wonderful thing is that we will train and teach you all these for FREE.

But you must provide money you will use to buy product direct from the company to resell for a huge profit.

How much you need to provide depends on how much you want to start with.

  • You will provide the money you will use to acquir a foreign Doman and Hosting from foreign company. It's the money to buy your website domain and hosting.

Once you get the domain and hosting, you will be using it to sell anything online,  making your sells proffessional, recommendable and trust worthy so that people can have the confidence to buy your product at ease.

We will guide you on how to build the website yourself with Wordpress.

The price to get this foreign domain and hosting that doesen't crash is 13,000 Naira.


  • You will provide the money you will use to buy the health product from company direct.

The product to buy depends on you. There are over 90 different Health products you can choose ranging from product that treats Eye problems, Diabetes, Fibroid, Infertility, Wonderful and Satisfactory Perfomance on bed with wife and husband, Loosing, Beauty products and several kind of health product.

Below are some of the Health products from the Company, products that works, when your costumer use them, they will call you back and thank you for helping them. They will even refer more persons to buy from you. The products is not find in the general markets, you have to get registered from the company in other to have access to selling the the product

How much you need to have to get these products is

60,000 Naira


165,000 Naira


320,000 Naira

The more price you start with, the more discount and benefits you get from your next purchase.

I advice you to start with 165k or 320k

You can start with any amount anyway.

You will pay this money the day you get your first order of your product, so that you will deliver the product to the costumer and recover the money with huge profit that same day or the following day.

You buy more products cheaper and sell higher because you will get more costumers. I will teach you how.

It means you will pay this money only the day you start getting orders.

But the first money you will bring is 13,000 Naira so you can use it to buy domain and hosting. I will show you how to do it yourself, you will buy domain and hosting, build your website where you will talk about the product for sell. You will do this before the sells.

Do not worry, it's easy to do

I will teach you and guide.

After you buy the domain, we shall begin to set up your sales funnel and the process of selling the product.

The Total Money You Are Bringing for This is

13k for getting your website/Landing page

10k for running Facebook advert

60k, or 162k, or 320k for buying of product from the company to resell

That means you are providing...

13k + 10k + 60k = 83k


13k + 10+ 162k = 185k


13k + 10+ 320k = 343k

The first money to bring is the 13k and that is when our training get the the point of building your website, We shall guide you how you will do it, you will pay the money yourself. 

The second money to bring is the 10k and that's when we get to running your Facebook ad campaign, We shall tell you how to do it yourself, you will pay the money yourself.

Then you will bring the remaining money to get the products from the company, the day you get order and you will pay this money to the company by yourself.

I advice you to start with any amount, but start with higher amount, you will benefit it more.

We Have a System that Does all these so Simplified for you

Did you notice that in all these,

We are not touching your money, you are doing everything by yourself direct with the company. We are not touching your kobo.

Our concern is to sacrifice this time, teach and train you.

Touching your money  is not what we are after. So you are not paying any money to us.

After this training, You will begin to get orders for the products you are selling. We shall do our best and make sure that in the first 3 weeks, you will recover the amount you used for this, times 3.

Then you keep on selling and making more profit till whenever you choose to stop.

As soon as you get orders, call the costumer and confirm the order, I will send you the company account details so you transfer the money (60k, or 165k, or 320k) depending on the one you choose, you get the products the same day, waybill it to the state the costomer is,

we will give you the a trusted delivery agent or you use any trusted delivery company that can deliver for you, collect the money and pay to your account that same day or the follwing day.

It's simple...


Making a profit from 10k - 30k from each order you get

Imaging getting minimum of 5 orders daily

Imaging how your life will change.

Is this sounding difficult to you?

It was not easy for me when I started, but now I have know how to do it and exactly the simple way of doing it. So we will simplify everything for you.

We shall guide you!

Please this FREE Training is for serious people.

We have a lot of things we are doing, but we paused tham all just to help you. BUT...

There is a Bad News

The bad News is that we only need 25 persons for this FREE training.

Only 25 persons because we want to focus on them. We don't need too many persons. Just 25 is okay.

We will handle only 25 persons and make sure each of them start making 250k - 500k profit every month within the next 6 mo.nths. After the next 6 months, they can scale and start making 7 figures.

This 25 persons is all we need and we have a Special WhatsApp group where we shall all Gather and we will give them proffessional intensive coaching.

The FREE Training and setting up your sales funnel from scratch will not last more than 2 weeks and you will start making your money.

Each of the 25 persons will have access to me any time they want, call me, Chat me, Message me any time whenever they need my assistant even when they have started making their figures.

The only time they will not call me is at night.

But every other time, they are free to have access to me

Are You Ready for This FREE Training?

If you are ready, we are ready...

I'm a Simple man... I'm a Serious man... I'm a Jovial man.

We left all the things we are doing to do this Free Training

We do not want you to WASTE our time

We do not want to WASTE your time either.

We know for sure that a lot of unserious people will come for this FREE Training but we do not need those that are not serious and time wasters.

See what we shall do...

For those that are serious and want to take part of this Free Training, learning all it takes to start making enough money from this business selling hot selling products, you will have to make a commitment.     

For the very limited number of 25 persons who want to have access to this powerful training, you have to make a commitment of a refundable 5,000 Naira

Why do we want you to Commit 5k and why is it Refundable?

You will have to commit the refundable 5k for this Mind blowing training becauseif not, tons of unserious people will fill our highly reserved WhatsApp group where high class persenels and money makers are and they will be nuisance to our serious personality.

And we shall follow up the 25 serious persons till they begin to make it big in just few weeks to come.

No way for unserious people.

We don't like time wasters who will come and waste somebody's time because it is FREE training.

The commitment fee of 5k is refundable...

We promise to will train you for FREE, what it means is that we will not touch your money.

We shall refund the commitment fee of 5k as soon as you start getting orders for your products.

We deided to do this because we want to sieve out the unserious people.

Are you afraid to commit the 5k?


What is 5k that we will ruin my reputation for

On no account shall we not refund the 5k even when you beging to make your money freely.

Our reputation is most important to us.

We say what I do... and we do what I say

All these is just for you to start making enough box for yourself. Simple

We can choose not to do this and we won't be effected.

But we want to help only the 25 serious persons who want to help themselves too.

We have trained 2 persons alredy and look at what they said

You have only 23 Hours to commit the 5k so you can join the reserved WhatsApp group where the training will kick off. The training will be conducted in form of Simplified Texts, easy and highly understandable Audios and Step by step Videos

After the next 23 Hours, the 25 persons must have been completed, then we will revoke the WhatsApp group link and start training immediately. No waste of time.

So You have now till the next 23 hours to join. The earlier the better

See you there...

This is the perfect time to learn the powerful digital skill that will be making you over a m'illion box monthly from this time next year. We are here to teach you how.

Do not Miss this Opportunity.

You may not have the opportunity of getting it for FREE again. 

You Want to Join?

There are 2 ways to pay the commitment.

When you use your ATM Card to pay, you will see the link to Join the Reserved WhatsApp group immediately.


Make a transfer of the 5k commitment to this account, after the transfer, screenshot the evidence of payment and send to this WhatsApp number +2348134020439 for confirmation and you will be added to the reserved WhatsApp group immediately.

Transfer to this account detail


Access Bank (Diamond)

Ajuluchukwu Sabastine Onyinyechukwu

When I was just testing 2 of the product, Just testing ooo,

See below the screenshot of my order notification.

Now Imagine what happened when I began to fully run the ad

We Shall Teach and Train You How to Get More of this kind orders.

Imaging if I successfuly deliver 10 of this 20 orders in a day. And of course, each order came with average profit of 20.k


  • We have strongly promised that we shall Train you for FREE

  • We have assured you that you will not pay any money till we get to the point of getting your website/landing pages and running your Facebook ad. And we shall guide you to pay the money yourself so we can get going.

  • We shall guide you on how to pay money to the company direct so as to be getting products to resell for HIGH profit. Paying this money comes as soon as you start getting orders for your produt, and you will recover the money that same day with BUNCH of profits

  • What it means is that we are not touhing your money
  • But you have to commit the refundable 5k to show that you are serious and doesn't want to waste our time

...What Will Make You Not to Join This FREE Training, What?

Is it that you will not like to be making at least 50k or more profit on daily basis after this training that will last for 2 to 3 weeks


That you are all confortable with the peanut you are getting from your place of work and your small business


That you think that we cannot keep to our words.


At least you have seen few of our results from the screenshot.


You are not losing anything, this training is for FREE, you just have to comit the 5k that will definetly be refunded to you as soon as you start making your sales, And this 5k is just to show us that you are serious.

I Advice You, Make the Commitment of 5k Now Now to secure your Position beause before the next 23 hours, the 25 persons must have been completed.

And of our, we shall revoke the WhatsApp group and start the Training immediately


Transfer to this account detail


Access Bank (Diamond)

Ajuluchukwu Sabastine Onyinyechukwu

Then click this number 08134020439 to send the screenshot of the evidence of payment, then you will be added to the group

The earlier you do this to join the 25 persons, the better. See you there.


Time for life to change

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