"The Mysterious Eye Remedy That Saved Me From Glaucoma, Cataract, Myopia And Other Eye Defects"


The Same Remedy Will Save You Too If You Apply It.

Here,You Will Discover How To Get it

I can now see clearly, better and far away!

Make sure you read this article to the end because you will discover how this mystery Chinese Remedy cured my eye problem, you will also find out how to get it to cure your own too. I'm sure God decided to use this, to restore people's sight.

NOTE: In as much as you can see a little, there’s still hope because this product I am about revealing to you was created using a regenerative technology which the Chinese has been working on for 10 yrs – so far you are not totally blind and so far the eye problems is not because of accident.

 Your vision will be restored by the “Grace of God”.

  •  If you wear Spectacle or you have Glaucoma and Cataract


  • You have been told, you have a sign of glaucoma or cataract or Myopia.
  • And, If you have any kind of retina issues


  • You have any kind/type of eye problem…

 Over 1700 people have used this remedy to:

  •  Improve Their Eye Health.
  • Improve the Clarity of Their Vision.
  • Protect Their Vision Against Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Macular Degeneration.
  • Cure Glaucoma, Cataract and Myopia Permamently.

I want to share the solution with you and how you can get it too.

Years ago, when I was 11 years old, I was still in primary school.

One day at school, I began to feel scratches and itches all over my left eye. I thought it was as a result of normal grass that touched my eye when I was playing.

3 days later, I felt the scratch and itches on my eye again, this time around, when I got home, I told my mother about it and my mother scolded me that I should stop playing anyhow in the school.

I said okay!

About one month later, it happened again, and this time, it was more painful in my left eye and the pain transfered to my right eye. When I got home, I told my mother again, she got worried and at that time, she got some concoction and applied to my eye, the pain stopped then, but sometime later, the pain and the itches started again more severely.

Then there was no money to get a professional treatment and I had to live with the pain thinking that as time goes on, all scratches and itches on my eyes will stop automatically,

but as I got older, the problem continued with more pains, and my eyes began to hurt me more.

What my mother does was to get some traditional concoction to apply to my eyes and some of them to drink and, they were helping a little, then, hardly did I know that trouble was coming .

All through my secondary school, I was having serious eye problem that I never believe that one day I would start using medicated eye glass.

The problem was, the more I got older, the more I continue to lose my sight and the more my eye problem continue to get worse. I never knew this before.

In my second year in the university, it became worst, I was not seeing very well, I could not see far, and I could not see near. That is I was suffering Hypermetropia (Long sightedness) and Myopia(Short Sightedness). It was difficult to see what I was reading without using spectacles.

I was not just seeing very well to read and study my books, it affected my exam results. I didn’t write well in my exams and my result was poor.

And because I didn’t want this to continue to happen, I went to eye clinic to get treatment. I met the doctor, he said I should have gone for treatment and cure my eye problem when I  just started having the scratches and itches on my eyes (but I had no money then).

After the diagnosis, the result showed that I had Glaucoma and Cataract, because the two goes together. He continued to say that if I do nothing about it now, it will soon get to astigmatism and gradually, I will get blind. It was that serious. What he did was, he prescribed some drugs and medicated eye glass to start using, when I started using the drugs and the glass, it worked, but after 2 months later, the problem continued and was even more painful, sometimes, it appears as if sharp sand and tiny gravels were poured in my eyes.

I went back to the doctor, he prescribed a stronger drugs, and of course, with a stronger money to spend getting the drugs, I bought the drugs and started using. He said I should continue to use the spectacles. That’s how I started using glass ooo.

Normally, when you have eye problem and you meet a Nigerian eye doctor, he will prescribe drugs and glasses to use which works for just few weeks or months. And this is all they know because Nigerian doctors don’t actually know the natural drugs that will completely cure eye problem. If the drugs, glasses they prescribe stop working, they will advise you to go for the dangerous eye surgery, very dangerous because it is 50/50 chance of cure or going blind permanently.

Even though I went to one of the best eye click in this country, yet they could not cure my eye problem. My doctor finally recommended that I should go for eye surgery. I had no option then but to go for it.

Where can I get #350,000 for surgery?

That was my question!

Though by then, I have started working after graduating from school, but I didn’t have that amount. What I did was to get a loan from Micro Finance Bank just to get my cure, with the hope that this surgery would be my final bus stop.

I went for the surgery, after that, I got my relief. I was happy that I have gotten the cure to my eye problem. But after 3 months, the story changed, the whole problem came back with severe pain this time.

I went back to the doctor in anger, I was so not happy at all. The doctor again gave me a stronger prescription and told me to continue using the glass. That's how I went back to square one after wasting money I loaned from the Bank.

I started using the glass I thought  I would never use again. I was in pain. Serious  Pain.

One day, my very good friend wanted to go for a conference at Canada and he told me to go with him,

I almost refused to go with him because of my eye condition but because he is my very good friend and i need to help him out, I had no option. I went with him.

I never knew that Canada is where I would get the Final Solution to my eye problem. After the conference, my friend went to a shopping mall to shop for his family, while I went to visit a doctor friend working at an eye clinic in Canada there. 

When I saw my friend who is an eye specialist, he asked why I was on eye treatment glass. I told him I have eye problem for over 17 years now. He was angry with me for not telling his good friend this, all these while.

Because I have been doing anything possible to make sure I cure this in Nigeria. I didn’t bother telling you; I said. But then, I told him everything, how it started and the level it is now. We sat down in his office, and immediately, he called his nurse and ordered her to bring 3 bottles of a particular eye solution.

The eye solution that completely and permanently cured my severe and dangerous eye problem for over 2 years now.

The same solution I will show you now and how you will get it to cure your own eye problem completely and permanently.

After 4 minutes, the nurse came in with bright smiling face and 3 bottles of the Almighty Eye Saviour and handed it over to my doctor friend and he gave the 3 bottles of the almighty eye solution to me. I confidently collected it because he is my very good friend I trust.

He told me to take one Cap in the morning, one in the evening, 30 minutes before or after meal.

That before I finish taking the 3 bottles for 90 days, I must have finally dropped my medicated glass and begin to see clearly as if I was just given a brand new set of eyes.

I was surprise when the doctor told me that top big men and even politicians in Nigeria and other African country come to the clinic for this same Almighty Eye Saviour that contains some natural powerful ingredients that trashes eye problems. The doctor revealed all these to me because of how close we are, and as a result, I just want to help others.

It’s too bad if I see the almighty solution to your problem and I fail to help you out. It’s not good. And that’s why I decided to using this medium to help as many people as possible.

The doctor also told me that almost everybody I see putting on glasses steady, has one eye problem or the other, I thought it was a joke until I began to ask some of my friends that always put on glasses. He said again that this product has been saving a lot of people from eye problem but the bad thing is that it is not yet fully recognized in Nigeria, and because it is a natural drugs, Nigerian doctors do not prescribe it for their patients because they will not make money from it.

But thank God I and few other people have discovered it. I, personally won’t see a savior, and keep quiet. NO WAY. He told me a lot of things that cannot be written here because of space.

When I came back to Nigeria and began to take it, magic began to happen. In just 10 days of taking the capsules, I began to experience some changes in my eye. Just after 31 days of using it, I threw away my useless medicated glass because I could walk around without glass. After 50 days of using, I could read very well, even tiny words without glass and there was no pain in my eye again.

In 60 days, I’m sure I was totally cured and I wanted to stop taking the capsules but because the doctor told me to make sure I finish the 3 bottles even when I get my freedom before it finishes. I finished up the 3 bottles for the 90 days.

I blamed myself that I have a friend who has a pure solution to my problem and I never bothered to tell him for over 17 years so he would help me out. Well it’s not my fault because I never knew that he has the solution all those while I was wasting money. If I had told him earlier, I wouldn’t have spent over #550,000 for nothing on my eye problem.

Just with #95,000 I would be free since.

I went back to my Nigeria doctor, he diagnosed me and found out that my

GLAUCOMA is Gone completely


Astigmatism is Gone finally and no other sign Of eye problem was found. It is so magical even to the doctor that he began to ask me what I did. My eyes are 100% better. I can now see like eagle. My Nigeria doctor never believed that natural capsule could do this almighty miracle to me.

I was the happiest man on earth after my eye problem was completely cured!

Then he began to disturb me that I should help him get the solution to him so that he will give to his younger sister and also sell to people that comes to his eye clinic. This is to tell you that even most of the eye doctors in Nigeria don’t know the actual solution to eye problem, they are just pretending and eating people’s money anyhow.

Now I contacted my doctor friend in Canada to get more, after seeing that a lot of people need to restore their sight in Nigeria. The doctor told me that the ones they have in their clinic is finished, they only import from the company that manufactures it in China when they need it. He then gave me the contact of the company’s marketing manager in China so I can get it directly from the company. I spoke with the marketing manager, he said, to sell to me directly will cost me much, he decided to help me and connected me to the company in charge of the distribution of the Almighty Eye Solution so I can get it at BONANZA amount from them.

Then I got connected to the company, and because I needed to get 300 bottles so that I can distribute it to good number of Nigerians who want to svae their eye, the company gave me for $65 (#23,400) for each bottle after I told them that I am not interested in making profit from it, my concern is to help people restore their eye health like mine.

Vision Vitale Capsule will cure your Myopia completely

Vision Vitale Capsules will cure your Hypermetropia completely

Your Astigmatism will finally go

All kind of eye problem will be a thing of the past.

Join over 1,700 person to treat and cure your eye problem naturally and finally.

It was made by first company that produced ” Human Regenerative Technology”,  human generative technology is a technology they spent over 10 years to work on just to see how that technology can help reproduce any human cells or nerves. so in a simple English, it helps to recreate any part of the body cells that's dead.

So, you will notice, when your eye problem started, it didn’t just get to Glaucoma and Cataract immediately. it started when you have this painful and itching all over your eye sight, then your vision gradually becomes blurry and before you know it, to some people, you find it difficult to see far or to see near. and over the years, when you finally go to see your eye doctor, he told you, you have sign of glaucoma or cataract (it may be the both).

So you see, this product helps to fight the root cause of this eye problem. The product was specially produced to fight the root causes of any eye problem.

Now, if you’re QUICK, You Can Grab Yours TODAY.

See this is my little way to help as many people as possible escape the frustration I passed through, no thanks to annoying Spectacle.

More and more Newspapers, online media, Facebook, Twitter and top blogs are covering this epic discovery, leading more people to this website.

… so I don’t know how long our present stock will last.

One thing I’m sure of right now is that… Your mind is filled with doubt.

“Will this work?”

“Is this real… or another scam?”

You’re not alone!

Like most people who have read about my publication on paper, Facebook, Punch, DailyPost, Linda Ikeji blog ete…

Samson was very doubtful and skeptical at first. But what finally happened? Hear from him directly:

“I no longer need my Spectacle after only 90 days!”As I began to get older I noticed my eyesight was deteriorating fast. I had heard about the benefits of using eye drops and wearing Spectacle but didn’t know where to look since I was staying in a little village in Benue, when I found your product on Vanguard Newspaper I was very pleased as it outlined everything I needed to do to improve my eyes. Now I no longer need my Spectacle after only 90 days! Amazing!

Samson, 48, Benue”.

You see?

I wouldn’t want to push you further. But one thing I’m sure of is that, like Samson, you’d become another campaigner of this Remedy. Believe me! After you must have used the solution and attest to how powerful it works. This Solution is like no other. And I can bet myself for that.

This Solution I used and that has worked for me and so many others work on the following conditions:


  • Cataracts – it clears cataracts permanently.
  • Glaucoma – It eliminates any existence of glaucoma in the eye and gives a shining and stronger vision.
  • Myopia – Also knowns as Shortsightedness – clears the vision for better.
  • Hypermetropia (Far-Sightedness)– It improves vision for the better.
  • Blurry Vision – You won’t worry about seeing the TV screen blur or seeing anything blur. The end of blurry vision.

 …And Other Numerous Eye Problems.

If you are suffering from any of the above eye conditions, then you would benefit from what I have to show you. Whether you are wearing Spectacle already or your eyesight is getting worse and you think you may need Spectacle in the future…


Here you will soon discover the solution a top health Chinese based company have spent 10 years to research on before producing… – The Almighty Solution to END any EYE Problem.

and Secondly, This is for “very Few” serious people who are willing to bring out his/her money and do good for himself/herself. you are seeing this article because I don’t want to hide this solution from people facing this issue.

Take your time and read through this page very well and do good to follow every single instruction.

Alleviate Any Type of EYE Problem, Return Clear and Shining Eyes
this product is a health food mainly made up of bilberry extract, grape seed extract, taurine, zinc gluconate, vitamin A acetate, hydrogenated oil, beewax, soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, water and vegetable carbon black.

Pure Natural Plant Essence, Protect Clear and Shining Eyes
Wild bilberry grows in North Europe, North America and Canada and has a long history in curing diabetes and eye diseases. Wild bilberry could prevent sight loss, macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, protect eyes from light hurt, promote vision and protect vision.

Suitable for: People with any kind of eye problem.

Here’s what This Vision Capsules Can Do To Help You:

  • Improve and perfect your eyesight so that you don’t need your “readers” nearby every single time you need to read the newspaper, a report, a book, or a document.
  • Strengthen your eyes and focal muscles, eliminating the painful burning sensation in your eyes at the end of every single day.
  • Use a computer or watch TV without pain and suffering anytime, anywhere, and as long as you want.
  • Improve ALL aspects of your vision. Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, the condition can be cured! See road signs from far away, watch a movie, play catch or read a book with just a lamp on, without stressing about carrying your Spectacle around everywhere!
  • Start your day comfortably, without worrying about taking half an hour to pop your eye drop or find your Spectacle.
  • Save THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Naira. I can’t stress enough how expensive Spectacle and eye drops are getting nowadays, and the prices just keep INCREASING. If you spend 20,000 Naira – 100,000 Naira a year on Spectacle and eye drops, imagine how much money you’d have to spend on things like vacations and luxuries over the 40-50 years you have to KEEP buying them!


Thousands Of People Have Corrected Their Vision Naturally With This Product. And I haven’t heard from a single person who tried this product, and didn’t see improvements. Because it just works!

It’s like picking up a brand new set of eye balls!

So please, stop wasting money on expensive Spectacle and eye drops, or contemplating dangerous eye surgery, and grab VISION Vitale Capsules without ANY risk whatsoever. Because if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, I’ll send you a refund, no questions asked!

Of course, when you start USING this REMEDY and AFTER 60 DAYS you can’t see any significant RESULTS, Notify ME and your Money will be refunded to your bank account.

So what’re you waiting for? This is the best possible investment that you can make for your health, your life, and your well-being. Begin healing your eyes naturally and permanently NOW.

And also helps to;

  • Maintain optical clarity
  • Prevent ocular toxicity
  • Improve and increases visual acuity
  • Improve blood circulation of the eye
  • Nourishes the eye with all useful nutrient
  • Improve blurred vision
  • Cure glaucoma, cataract and night blindness

I have never felt so free before in my life. Improving my eyesight and getting rid of my Spectacle was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Works PERFECTLY for men and women…
WORKS Perfect For Children Too!

What’s more?

See Real Life Testimonies from individuals that have used This Remedy…

Testimony 1:

“Hi! I want to give a personal testimony and highly recommend your Vision Capsules product for anyone that wants to improve their vision. I have been suffering from short-sightness since a very young age. I was considering laser surgery but it’s expensive and dangerous. Fortunately, after giving a try to this modest product, my vision improved to a degree that I hardly need to wear Spectacle anymore”

Ifeoma from Abia State.


Testimony 2:

“Hello, I have started using the Vision Capsules product around a month ago and went to do an eye test just this morning. My optician really couldn’t believe it! He was so surprised with my improvement that he said that he never saw anything like it. (Not without surgery at least!) I gave him your website address and he said that he is going to check it out and try it himself. Thank you for making this available to us!”

Donatus from Enugu.


Testimony 3:

”Ever since I started using your vision product (Vision Capsules), my vision has literally improved over night. I used to wear spectacles all the time but now I’m already getting used to live without them. It’s difficult to explain but I feel like I am 10 years younger. Thanks for the product. I am totally impressed and satisfied.”

George from Abuja.


Testimony 4:

”I thought I would live the rest of my life with Spectacle. My experience since I started taking your Vision Capsules product. I took the product at first because it was the fastest way for me to live without Spectacle. After 2 months of using Vision Capsules and my eyes felt renewed in just a few months – as if they were reborn”

Henry from Festac, Lagos State


Testimony 5:

13 yrs of Glaucoma has finally escaped. Last year, I bought your product after seeing the advertisement on radio, tv and on the internet. So I decided to order. Surprisingly for me, I used it and as God will have his way… the product worked very well for me. Today, No glaucoma again. Thank you so much

Mr Mike – from Adenuga in Ibadan.


Testimony 6:

“I can watch TV now without my Spectacle on!” Thank you so much for this product. I didn’t even know such Product existed and you made it really easy to get. I’m sure that one day soon my Spectacle will be gone forever!

Chika from Portharcout.

As you can see, these are regular people, just like you and me, who decided they wanted a Spectacle/eye drops-free life, took the plunge, and regained their visions with the Vision Capsules. There are so many testimonies I would have posted here but I won’t due to space.

Some of them were doubting this, but they decided to give it a trial, and then trials convinced them and now they are reffering other people to get this remedy.

Who says Glaucoma, Myopia, Cataract has no remedy?

All too many times I hear people lament about their Glaucoma, Myopia, Cataract; … I hear them lament that they ’ve used several expensive products and concoctions to try to improve their vision and yet no result.

So many men and women have given up upon their eye problems and believe it’s hopeless. Well, I know from my years of experience that eye problem of any kind is 100% possible even on an operated eye.

All you need is the RIGHT product!

If anybody tells you anything different, kindly run away. Believe me, not because I’ve used this product have showed you.

… but believe me because I’ve been there. Some time, I wonder if anybody alive has had it bad as I did. I’ve had it rough, and think I stand a better chance to advise anyone currently having the issue on how to go about it and avoid wasting your money.

Right since when I was 17yrs old, I’ve always been wearing Spectacle. When I got to 31yrs old, I was almost blind.

I’ve been diagnosed of Cataract, Glaucoma and not just that, I’ve gone for surgery. After the surgery, I was constantly having water dropping from my eye. It was so devastated.

I’m approaching 47yrs now, so I still want the whole world to know about my unique, life-changing discovery.

So, how can you get it?

It’s Up to you to grab it today or risk never getting this amazing and Almighty solution forever. As I don’t plan to import more of this package, so I’m sorry if you leave this page without placing your order.

Here is The Cost of the Vision Capsule…

1 Month Treatment: (1 Bottle) = ₦29,000

2 Months Treatment: (2 Bottles) = 50,000 Naira

3 Months Treatment: (3 Bottles) = 65,000 Naira

The Most Recommended Treatment Is the 3 Bottles ( 3 Month Treatment), You’ll Get Your Desired Result with That…

I encourage you to order the 3 bottles because you’ll get the desired result with that and you won’t have to keep spending money on this again.

3 months treatment, 3 bottles for #65,000 is the BEST!

So, I repeat; “Order for the product (3 months treatment), use it for 90 days, and if it doesn’t deliver as promises… Call me on phone or send a text message and ask for your money back” No quibbles, no face tightening. You get back every kobo you paid. And I will even make a public apology to you for wasting your time.

By the way, if you’re still not sure whether the product is the answer for you, consider this:

If we are to calculate the normal cost of the 3 months treatment, You’re to pay just 65,000 Naira. That’s not a big money for those who know what it means to have been going through this. I can recall I spent over #95,000 on a product that didn’t give me desired result. And I have spent over #600,000 on to restore my eye sight because mine was so severe

And, If you were to operate the eye, this will cost you much more than 65,000 naira. I know this because I have personally been charged much more than that. Plus doctors will not give you the product I can offer you. A doctor will tell you to live with the condition. There are many options for you to choose. It’s really up to you.

For a severe eye problem e.g. Glaucoma, Cataract and someone that has done eye surgery yet still experience eye pains and other complications etc… The recommended treatment for that is the 3 months treatment package for a total cure.

Here Is How To Make an Order and receive it while you make payment upon delivery…

You see my friend, I’m a Nigerian and I know you may be wondering if you will pay first before you get this product. NO!

You don’t have to pay first, once you place your order… I will send the item to your state and once it gets to your state… I will ask my delivery agent to pick it up and bring it to your provided address at no extra cost. So, once the delivery agent brings it to you. You can collect the item and give the money to him/her. This delivery usually takes 1 – 4 days after placing your order depending on your location.

NOTE: Please, Do Not Place an Order if you are not ready to pay and receive Your Product within the Next 1 – 4 days.

Incase you place your order on Saturday, Sunday or Monday… Delivery commence on monday morning. You should be expecting a call from my delivery agent from monday, but if by Thursday you have not gotten the product, kindly give me a call and I will sort things out so you can get it on friday.

Please Do Not Place an Order If You Won’t be able to recieve your product from Monday – Saturday.

Though, I will advice you to recieve the product fast so you can start using it. This will enable you to start seeing result faster.

I wonder why you would want to delay when you see this kind of solution. I was skeptic too but I took action immediately and thats why I am sharing this testimony with you.

Look, if at all I didnt take a bold step to try this remedy, there’s no way I would have been here sharing my success story with you. I know as human, we are filled with doubt but let try to act upon any situation faster before it gets worsen. If I didnt take the risk to try this product despite my low financial status, I would have been blind today because I know how bad it was.


So my brother and sister, I will say… if you can afford it, go for it. if you can buy for others, try to as well. There’s always a reward for our good did.

If you are not financially ready, don’t bother ordering.
You can just save my number so once the money is ready, you can order.

Why I am giving this warning is because of some un-serious people who think I can not send the product to them before they make payment upon delivery. I know Nigeria is filled with wonderful people. some people will place an order and when I send the product to their state and the delivery agent call him/her to deliver, the same person that order will give an excuse of how he thought I was joking.

Some order and when the delivery agent call to deliver, they give excuses, which is really unfair. In as much as I am not charging for delivery… I spend money to deliver this item to you. I do not want to charge you for that because I still want the whole world to know about my unique, life-changing discovery.

Though, It will cost me money to deliver the item to you but I do not ask you to pay. Just pay for the product cost and you receive the product and start using. So that is why I am pleading with you to only order if you are ready to receive your order within the estimated days (1 – 4 Days) and you should please keep the money for the product.

Don’t Forget;


1 Bottle is 29,000 Naira


2 Bottles is 50,000 Naira 



See The Best of Them All...

There is a Tooth Paste from this same company that Kills all the germs in the mouth and Tongue.

This Tooth paste Whitens the teeth and makes it as white as ever.

It Refreshes the tongue and keeps it nice and smell good.

Did you know that almost everybody, when they talk, the breeze from their mouth produces odor?

Some people produces pungent odor, some people produces irritating odor, while some people cannot even open their mouth to talk with someone because of the odor of their mouth.

This tooth paste kills the bacterial in the mouth that causes the odor to make the mouth and tongue smell nice. It's that powerful.

If you start using this tooth paste today, you will appreciate it. It's for everyone.


Here is the Tooth Paste...

It is highly Valued and you will Get One for FREE if you order for the Vision Capsules in the next 24 Hours

How To Get The Vision Capsules…  +  The Tooth Paste

NOTE: Please, Do Not Place an Order if you are not ready to pay and receive Your Product within the Next 24hrs – 4 days.

To get the vision capsules, you will need to Place an order.
(The Vision capsules is deliver base on ordering).

Send your;


Phone Number


Local Govt

Shipping Address / Last Bus Stop

Quantity (Vision C)

send them to 090 2012 4876



Cynthia Morgan


Ondo State

Ondo North Local Govt

Morgan Avenue, Phase 2 Bus stop, Akaboh, Ondo.

3 Bottles (Vision C) for #65,000

send them to 090 2012 4876


NOTE: Once you place order, I will waybill it to your State so once it gets to your State, my delivery agent will pick it up and call you to deliver.

When the delivery agent gets to you. You collect the product and give the money to him/her.

DOSAGE is 1 tablet in the morning before meal and another 1 in the evening after meal.

If you have any question or Clarification before you order, call / Text/ WhatsAPP me with this Phone Number: 09020124876

Please in case you call and the number is busy, kindly send me a text message or WhatsAPP and I will reply you. Due to demands, the phone number is always very busy.

Otherwise, If You’re Okay with every words on this page, You can go ahead and place your order. Don’t Forget, even after placing your order, you can still call me in case you have any question or you need clarification on anything.

Send your;


Phone Number


Local Govt

Shipping Address / Last Bus Stop

Quantity (Vision C)

send them to 090 2012 4876



Cynthia Morgan


Ondo State

Ondo North Local Govt

Morgan Avenue, Phase 2 Bus stop, Akaboh, Ondo.

3 Bottles (Vision C) for #65,000

send them to 090 2012 4876

For orders in Lagos, expect your item to get to you within the same day or next day, while for orders outside Lagos, depending on the state/city, you will receive your items within 2 – 4 days.



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