How To Get The Blood Sugar Stabilizer PurXcel & Cleanse that Treats Diabetes and Restores  Good Health 

Below are the 2 Products that Restores Blood Sugar Balance and Cures Diabetes Completely

  • Lowers blood sugar and urine levels
  • Stabilizes metabolism and appetite
  •  Eliminates harmful toxins from the bloodstream
  •  Strengthens immune system and pancreas
  • Promotes healthy Sugar absorbtion in the body
  • Permanently Dissolves Dia'betes and correct blood sugar

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Those that Are Preveileged to Use it Are Happy and Glad for divine Restoration

My name is Adukun James from Kogi State, 

I started having Diabetes and high blood sugar 11 years ago, since then, I have taken a lot of drugs and injection, and I have been admitted to hospitals several times. I have wasted and even borrowed money for my Diabetes, yet no way. One day, I saw advert on facebook, I read the advert and managed to buy the 3 Months PPackage and, To my suprise, I only took it for 6 days and I started seeing better results, I took the drugs for 65 days and my Doctor confirmed that I no more have Diabetes again without him knowing that it was PurXcel and Cleanse that helped me. It's over 2 years now, I have never have high blood sugar again and I have never experience Diabetes again.

All thanks to this and the man that made it available to me. I wish everyone suffering from Diabetes will get it.

**Results are not typical **

More People are Sharing their testimonies

My name is Cynthia Molema from Abuja

My son has spent all the money he made just to see that I live, he took me from hospital to hospital to treat my diabetes, yet No solution. One day he came to the hospital and gave me 6 bottles of PurXcel and Cleanse and told me how to take it. I started taking it, few days, I started seeing results, before I finished taking it, I was discharged from hospital. And since then, over 12 months now, I never ever used Insulin again, my blood sugar became normal and I never experience diabetes again.

 Thanks to PurXcel and Cleanse

**Results are not typical **

Why Is The Cleanse and PurXcel  More Powerful and Effective Than Any Other Treatment? 

Type 2 diabetes starts with insulin resistance. This means the body no longer using insulin, so the blood glucose levels can become too high or too low. It can also mean that your pancreas is still producing insulin, but it's just not enough to regulate Blood sugar.

                                     Here are What the Cleanser Do to Your System

Cleanse and PurXcel contains cascara sagrata that works by going into the system and cleansing the fat build up around the pancreas that may be blocking release of insulin. Allowing insulin to flow through to the bloodstream and regulate blood sugar. 


Cleanse and PurXcel also contains calamari which boost the body with a hormone called adiponectin. This adiponectin controls how quickly or slowly sugar is absorbed from the digestive system to the bloodstream. When one is low in adiponectin sugar is absorbed into the  bloodstreams too quickly causing blood sugar spikes and irregular blood sugar. 

Cleanse and PurXcel boosts adiponectin in the body to slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream 

Cleanse and PurXcel cleanses fat build up in the pancreas and releases insulin that regulates blood sugar better than any meds and will surely end diabetes completely 

Cleanse and PurXcel Contains the powerful natural ingredients that boosts the production of Glutathione in the body which drastically redresses body sugar level, and in the process, it permanently ends Diabetes. This is tested and it worked.

The end result is a regulated blood sugar, excellent overall health and freedom from diabetes permanently.

No More constant urination

No More constant fatigue

No More lower leg swelling or sores

Start and continue eating carbonhydrates(regulated)

No More numbness in joints and weight gain 

No More pinpricks, expensive meds and injection

No More injection of Insulin

Few Hours Left, Get Yours Now

Why The PurXel and Cleanse Will Work For You 

100% Natural Quality Ingredients  

PurXcel and Cleanse is made from only natural ingredients, No chemical additives that can cause unnecessary side effects and worsen the health 

All ingredients are purely 100% natural with no side effects.

100% Easy to use with better results 

Unlike injecting insulin, PurXcel and Cleanse is easy to go into the blood stream by simply drinking with enough water, and with proper usage anyone can begin to experience results in just weeks, this is because it carries out action on diabetes as quickly as possible. 

It gives better results than meds and even local “AGBO”

100% Tested & Trusted Potency  

PurXcel and Cleanse has been tested and trusted by me personally and over 1,320 Nigerians who have experienced the power of this sugar PurXcel and Cleanse at work and can really say they are FREE from diabetes but don’t take their word for it, Try It because IT WORKS .

Clinical tests have shown that PurXcel and Cleanse is a very strong prevention tool for diabetes as well as supplement to manage it

It hase been endorsed by U S Medical proffessionals

It have been empowered by NAFDAC

WHO has given a go ahead order

All because they have seen the natural potency of it on Diabetes patients

What An Expert Says

Barnadette Aina

"Taking into account the huge amount of Supplements on the market today it is often difficult to find a " working " Supplement . Most of the medications prescribed for the treatment of Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes are products of synthetic origin.

Furthermore, most diabetic products are full of dyes and preservatives that cause allergic reactions. PurXcel and Cleanse stands out in a decisive manner compared to the others. A completely natural supplement with a strong therapeutic effect, a patented formula and several certificates, all this allows me to recommend Daily Build and Cleanse  for regular use for those who suffer from diabetes regardless of the type of diabetes, the severity level and the presence of diseases chronic.

The  composition of PurXcel and Cleanse

Cascara Sagrada(Rhamnus Pushiana)

The seeds of Rhamnus Pushiana  have been conventionally used throughout the Asian region for several centuries. Rhamnus Pushiana has been also prescribed in oriental herb medicine to treat night blindness, hypertension, hyperglycemia, and diabetes completely

Garcinia Mangostana(Mangosteen)

Garcinia Mangostana is a Natural Antioxidant used as a powerful health tonic in Asia for years, helping people maintain healthy blood sugar levels and strong cardiovascular health. It contains a special nutrient that can boost the body adiponectine thereby correcting the blood sugar which fixes the Diabetes.

Dandelion Roots

This ancient healing root is found in fossils dating back 270 million years. Native to China the tree is widely cultivated, and was cultivated early in human history. It has various uses in mordern medecine today and it is a good source of insulin for diabetes. 

Acerola Cherry

This is the secret special ingredient that contains seanol, this plant is found in the Asian oceans of the world and very rare to get, its nutrient of seanol has been proven to completely eliminate diabetes and regulate blood sugar. 

Plus many other natural, powerful and Effective Ingredients which was particularly made to completely solve the issue of Diabetes and Blood sugar

How Does It Work?

  • It  activate the pancreas to produce enough insulin and release to the blood system for proper body use!
  • It helps circulate the produced insulin through the body so as to normalize the blood sugar!
  • It gradually begins the healing proccess of the wonded part of internal and external body as a result of diabetes!
  • It totally eliminates every particles in the body system that poses to cause and influence diabetes!
  • It restores the activities of blood pumping mechanism to function properly!
  • It dramatically increases the intensity of heamostatic process in the body system!
  • It completely and permanently dissolve diabetes and restores normal blood sugar!

What Do You Get When You Purchase The  PurXcel and Cleanse Today?


 Free Consultations:

I will give you tips, advice, hacks and even exercises that helped me in my journey to become diabetes free at no extra cost, If you follow these steps you too can be rid of diabetes too completely


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Free shipping anywhere

You don’t have to pay any extra cost to get the Daily Build and HealtTrim Cleanse in your hands, we will ship it for you for "absolutely free" to your "doormot" so don’t stress yourself trying to look for it up and down.



You will not give or pay anybody money untill we deliver it in your hand. You will see what you are purchasing before you pay

How Much is The Daily Build and Cleanse Today!

Well, think about it… on an average a complete pack of insulin with other meds and check up for a month costs roughly about 40,000 Naira, depending on what the doctor prescribes – for some people it is even more. 

…in 2 months, assuming someone buys more of the 40,000 Naira, meds with more doc visits and even more insulin, you would have spent 80,000 Naira on that alone in 2 months …in a year that money will amount to 480,000 Naira spent on these medications that really don’t regulate blood sugar but Keep you in the jail of depending on doctors and having to eat sugar free food.

In 2 years that would  amount to 960,000 Naira. Money that could've been used to get A landed property or a new car…. SO why not just use the PurXcel and Cleanse and get rid of diabetes faster, easier and Completely better.

 In 5 years it can amount to MILLIONS of Naira on just these  Meds. 

And If we add how much spent on transportation…and all those other medications that didn’t work I am sure it is over 100,000 Naira extra, just this year alone.

Now consider properly how much a working Cleanse such as this that finally rids diabetes should cost                                                                                        

How much do you think a man who was amputated for diabetes would give to buy his foot back?                                                                           

Anyways it is up to you and you are in luck that we are having a first timer discount 

If you are buying this for the first time you qualify for the 30%  discount, and you can claim it today  

Time is Going

It Comes In 3 Different Packages, But the Best Package is the 3 Months Package 

1 Month Package

2 Bottles for 23 days 

Normal Price is #60,000

But for only Today, You will get it for #39,500 Promo

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2 Months Package

4 Bottles for 46 DAYS

Normal Price is #100,000

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3 Months Package

6 Bottles to Complete it 69 Days

This is the Best Pack that Completely takes care of Diabetes and blow it away.

The Normal Price is #150,000

But for only Today, You will get it for #99,000 Promo

Price Goes Back to #150,000 after tomorrow


FOR CLEANSE  -  Take 4 Capsules in the Morning, and 4 Capsules in the evening, 45 minutes before or after meal with enough water.

FOR PurXcel  -  Take 1 Capsules in the morning, and 1 Capsules in the evening, 45 minutes before or after meal with enough water.

TO GET FAST AND QUICK RESULTS  -  Uncap(Remove the rubber coating), and pour them in a cup/glass of clean water you can finish, and drink.  It fastens the action. But if it's bitter for you, just take them just like that with water

I Have Wasted Money Buying Things That Never Worked for Me,

Can This PurXcel and Cleanse Work?

When I say it will surely work for you, believe me because I mean it

I know that you may have gotten a lot of things that promised Solution to Diabetes but they didn't work. You may be doubting if this Cleanse and PurXcel really works.

Well... What I will simply say is, JUST GIVE IT A TRY We are convinced that this NEW, Effective, Powerful, USA made and NAFDAC approved PurXcel and Cleanse will give the result you want. With it, the Diabetes will be over.

Just get it, Use it and See the Miracle by yourself.

Get ready to share the testimonies as well so that more people can get convinced and use it too. This is Wonderful

More and more people are sharing their testimonies... JOIN THEM NOW and share your own

My name is Philomena Ebede from Benue State.

Please ooo, I need these drugs so I can share to 2 of my friends who are Diabetic. They will surely buy. My Doctor said he will cut of my leg before the decaying part spread to other parts of my body. Then my younger brother saw your advert of Facebook and show it to my son. Initially they said they are not buying anything again as they have bought a lot of things from Facebook that never worked. They don't want to waste their money again. My daughter talked with them and they gave it a trial and bought this Daily Build and HealthTrim Cleanse from you. They bought the 3 Months Treatment. To Cut the story short, I used it even before it finishes, every body was surprised that I'm free from Diabetes. Imagine. Thank you for this. Please I will need to see you because I have a gift for you. I still have your number. I will call you soon.

My name is Nnamani Clement from Enugu State.

4 different times I almost died both in my house and in the hospital as a result of diabetes. Diabetes is Dangerous. Since it didn't kill me, I don't think I will die again, soon. My saviour was the Remedy Daily Build and Cleanse one man gave to me to take and pay him after using it. Daily Build and Cleanse saved me from diabetes completely that I paid the man double of the amount he gave me because, I have never used a product like it before. Now, I am free from diabetes after 9 years.

All thanks to those that made sure I get this drugs. 

There are several more testimonies from thousands of people that have used this, but because of space, this place can't contain more.

I posted few of people's testimonies here just for you to beleive that it is working. It has worked for many people, it will work for you too. Just get it and use

Time is Going

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"We give a 69 Days satisfactory improvement Guarantee meaning that When you use PurXcel and Cleanse for 69 days and you do not see any improvements at all we will refund you, putting all the risk on us and leaving you with..."


NOTE* All Diabetic problems can differ from pre-diabetes to Type1 & Type 2 so please make sure you use this consistently until the 6 bottles finish for better results* 

If after these 69 day and our product does not start working for you, simply contact us. 

Call or Whatsapp +2349020124876

And we will return 100% of your money. As long as you send us back the used bottles to prove you actually used the product.

"​Hurry Up & Order For Our

Discount Offer Today.."

Time is Going

We Only have 78 Bottles remaining with us and it can finish in the next 3 days, So fill the form below NOW to Order and secure your own bottles but please make sure you are financially ready to pay and have it as soon as we deliver to you from Now till the next 3 Day.

We are serious, We do not joke. Our Aim is Just to help you of Diabetes. So help us too.

If you are travelling,  if you will not pick our call, if you are not interested, DO NOT ORDER Please

Make sure you are ready before you fill the form to Order.

If you are financially ready to receive it and pay, Fill the form below to place your order.

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